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18 July 2018 by Martin Lee - Director

My wife and I have lived in Chelmsford all our lives, and we've decided it's time for pastures new, albeit only 20 miles away from our current loaction! We've always wanted to live in a close knit, community orientated village for some time now and we have managed to find the dream home to start a new chapter of our lives together. 

Being a business owner, this was a tough decison, as over the last five and a half years I've bulit my brand and company up from the ground purely focusing on our current location, Chelmsford. I have now got to target a whole new area, and build up a local client base that I have in Chelmsford.

It's only a 20 minute drive away I hear you say! And you'd be correct. As an electrician our job is to travel as well as to work. I still plan on serving Chelmsford, and our current customers. After five years of chasing jobs in London, and here, there, and everywhere you realise nothing beats local, on your doorstep work.

This will be my aim, we want to be your trusted local electrician in Braintree. I have always prided my business on being reliable, high standard of work and resonably priced.   

I've decided to start this blog as a progress tracker of reloacting a business and for any people interested in following our journey into village life.

I plan to write a monthly blog, and share my working life, some family life, and any pointers if you're a business owner thinking of reloacting. 

I hope anyone reading enjoys our journey!

Here we come Stisted!

Local Braintree Electrician.    

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