AMP Electrical provide House Rewiring throughout Braintree, Essex and London.

House Rewiring in Braintree, Essex and London - What is a rewire?

A full rewire of a property involves, stripping out all the existing electrical cabling in the property and replacing with new. This includes the addition of socket outlets and lighting points if needed, or just new wiring to existing points. A new consumer unit is also installed to accomodate all circuits.

How is a rewire carried out?
The most common way in most domestic premises involves lifting floorboards, upstairs, and sometimes downstairs. This allows us to gain access under the floors to install cables. Access to the loft space, if applicable, is needed to install cables for the upstairs lighting. All socket outlets and switch positions need to be chased. Chasing involves channelling into the walls to allow for cabling to be buried inside. Making good by a plasterer is needed once completed. We use specialist chasing machinery to undertake this task, the tool cuts neat lines that can be chiseled out easier, keeping making good to a minimum.

How long does a rewire take?
A three bedroom unoccupied house usually takes a week to rewire. All properties vary, due to size, whether the property is occupied, or unoccupied, and how many points per room are required. We always conduct a full site survey, with the client, to discuss your needs and requirements before quoting. We aim to make the job as stress free and non disruptive as possible.

How do i know if my property needs rewiring?
The easiet way to establish if your property needs rewiring, is to carry out an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR). Carefully looking at the consumer unit at your property, accessories, and any visible wiring are key give aways that your property is dated.

How much does a rewire cost?
The cost of rewiring your property varies based on many different factors. The addition of spotlights, chrome fixtures and fittings will add to just a basic cost. Our guidline price for a three bedroom unoccupied property with standard fixtures and fittings is £3800.00 Please contact us so we can conduct a survey and discuss your needs. 

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